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5 Ideas to Win Nanowrimo

Hello friends and welcome back!

National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us! Only a few more days and we’ll be towing the starting line of creating our next story. This will be my third year I’ll be participating and if you’ve read my blog from last week you already know that I will be expounding a prologue I wrote for my next Kristi Brickham novel.

This year, however, I spent the time to prep a better outline using what I’ve already written of the story. (I will be starting “fresh” though and will use what I’ve written as a guide line instead of just inserting it in the word count)

I also have a better plan of attack and after listening to the Creative Penn’s podcast feel better prepared. Below is a brief summary of her podcast, though if you have the time watch it, it's worth it. She interviews the Executive Director of Nanowrimo, Grant Faulkner and they go into far greater detail.

1. Create a detailed outline. By nature I am a discovery writer or what is known as a pantser. I just write with no real direction other than major plot points and the ending laid out. This year, however, I have created a detailed outline with major plot points highlighted, sub-plot points with an over arching character arc mapped out.

2. Don’t stop to edit. Its a fact— First drafts are supposed to be terrible. Its just the nature of the beast and that’s okay. Let them be ugly and feral, you’ll have plenty of time to look over what you’ve written later.

3. Have a planned writing time or schedule the will allow you enough time in your day so you can get words down. And remember no one said you have to write in one sitting. Maybe you just do word sprints in fifteen minute blocks or two thirty minute blocks,... whatever works.

4. Find your time suck and write instead. Sometimes I feel like this is easier said than done. Whether it’s bing watching Netflix, scrolling through social media (I’m an instagram junkie myself) or playing video games, it takes time that could be applied to writing.

5. Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. While Nanowrimo is a challenge, it’s meant to be fun. It gives you the chance to connect with other authors while holding you accountable by a supportive community.

What I've been Reading:

James Rollins - Bone Labyrinth -- Such a good read, although I admit I'm a huge fan of his Sigma Force series, so I was pretty sure I'd love this book too and it didn't disappoint.

(And I love his book covers!)

On a personal note:

What’s everyone up to for Halloween? Do you dress up and go out to parties? Do you take your kids trick or treating? For me, I’ll be at home and NOT handing out candy for the simple reason we don’t get trick or treaters where I live. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy a ton of candy… and eating it all while I binge watch Halloween inspired movies. Also I found this little find at Marshall's too. 😉☕️

I, like many, many others, love the movie Hocus Pocus. I was thirteen when the movie first released. It was also the year I stopped trick or treating and instead gave out candy (because after all, I was a TEENAGER, not a baby anymore) I look back now and shake my head and laugh, I totally miss out on all that candy. Anyway, what’s your favorite movie and what makes it so great?

Oh, and a hot air balloon floated over our house the other day! Very cool, although, all of the dogs were outside and they were convinced Armageddon was happening for real. Needless to say there was a lot of soothing of frazzled nerves, kisses, and reassurances about the huge floating monster in the sky.

And if you'er wondering, the pine tree that lost the massive limb in the storm last week sadly has to go at the recommendation of our arborist. The next limb to go will inevitably land on my chicken coop and well, nobody wants that, especially my feathered girls.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week and if you're participating in Nanowrimo, GOOD LUCK! And let's connect on Instagram @author_karriebarnum to keep each other motivated.

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