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April 1, 2019

Ancient maritime archeologist, Dr. Kristi Brickham, can’t believe her luck— or is it bad luck? While diving on the infamous site of the Bimini Road in the Bahamas, she discovers strange spirals and glyphs covering one of the large stones that make up the Road.

    As she investigates, Kristi finds that the glyphs are an ancient map — more than three thousand years old — and could lead to an undiscovered tomb deep in the mysterious jungles of Belize. Time is running out as Kristi dodges paparazzi, treasure hunters and someone with deadly intent. She scrambles to find the tomb and save it from those who would see it destroyed.

Dr. Kristi Brickham has always wanted to live a life of adventure, to see the world and explore the cultures that once roamed the earth...


    No, it can’t be. I’m never this lucky, I thought as I swiped faster at the white sand. It was an exercise in futility though, as it only billowed up around me causing the water to become murky. But I had seen enough. As the sand slowly filtered down again I saw before me, still half buried, was the proof I had been hunting for my entire career; A treasure that could change history. 

    I frantically reached for the record button of the Go Pro mounted on my dive mask. If any of my colleagues had been diving with me, they would have seen a composed professional; A seasoned archaeologist, adjusting the camera mounted on her dive mask with precise movements, making entirely sure it was on.  

    My internal monolog, however, was anything but professional. It was stuck on an endless loop of oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, as I tried in vain to swipe more of the sand away from the mostly buried stone. A variety of fish darted in and out of the disturbed sand, grabbing at specks of food. I barely saw them.

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Fountain of Angels

A Kristi Brickham Adventure Novel, Book 1.5

The Fountain of Youth is a myth-- isn't it? Kristi needs a break, somewhere away from the waters of Bimini, and George has the perfect location. George can't think of a better way to pass the time and relax than a little trip to Florida following the trail of the infamous and treacherous conquistador, Ponce De Leon. Armed with a five-hundred-year-old map, Kristi and George set out to find what the conquistador hope to find. Did he find the legendary fountain? Unfortunately, they're not the only ones who are on the hunt for the secret to eternal life.

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