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Escape of a Queen

Hello friends and welcome back! The sun is out and it's a crisp 25 degrees! Needless to say, winter is already here. First up, I’ve hit 10,000 words of my first draft and have officially named my work in progress: Escape of a Queen. Is it weird now that my draft has a name it feels more like an official novel? And as an official novel now, I thought I’d share a few of the opening paragraphs… (and as with the first draft, never mind the mistakes)

Chapter 1

“Do the drums have to make that racket every time a new delegation enters? It is making my head hurt.”

Meritaten, Queen of upper and lower Egypt, Chief wife of the Pharaoh Smenkhkare, and Beloved of the Gods, ignored the question. She had already answered it twice. It was true, the rhythmic drumming that echoed off the stone walls of the throne room was tiresome, and yes, they had to continue. It honored the delegations that had traveled the great distances to pay homage to the great Pharaoh — the pharaoh who was currently tapping a gold and beaded sandaled foot on the cushion footstool, as the next group of visitors was ushered in.

Meritaten watched the newcomers with interest. Three men and one woman, each of them carrying a small wooden box of light-colored wood, stopped short of the dais where she and the Pharaoh sat on stiff-backed golden chairs. Meritaten waited as the delegation saw the Pharaoh and wasn’t surprised at the confusion on their faces. So, no one had bothered to tell them that the great pharaoh was none other than her mother, Nefertiti.

“I see we have more Keftiu invading my lands. And here I thought it was the Hittite dogs I had to worry about,” sniffed Nefertiti as she waved to a young girl holding a blue glazed earthenware pitcher.

On swift bare feet, the girl neared the throne, her head tucked into her chest. She poured the Pharaoh another glass of wine.

Meritaten wanted to snort. Without northern Keftiu traders, her mother would be without many of the luxuries she wrapped herself in— including the wine she loved so much.

“Well, step forward. Show us what have you brought the Shining One in such very small boxes?” said the man, standing just left of the Pharaoh.

Meritaten pressed her clenched fists into her lap. Ay, head councilman to her mother stood poised to the pharaoh's right side. With his wide-set dark eyes, pointed chin and whip thin frame, he resembled a viper waiting to strike. She hadn’t realized he had entered the room or several of the Priests of Amun who we never far from his side...

I will say I'm having fun exploring the daily life, not only for the elite royal class but the daily life of workmen and servants. If you would like to see my vision board on Pinterest for Escape of a Queen the link is above.

What I’ve been reading:

I finished the newest book by another one of my favorite authors

The Accidental Unicorn, Book 18 by Dakota Cassidy

If you’re a fan of Rom-Coms than read this. I loved that the twist of the story is that the main character is a man and he’s the one who is transformed into the Unicorn and needs the help and protection of his new friends, the woman of OOPs. Oh, and he has a pet chipmunk, which is just too cool. I’ve been a fan of hers since Book One of her OOPs series and this is one of my favorites.

So I’m curious, what are some of your favorite authors? Because the cold weather has me browsing my kindle and I’d love some book recommendations.

On a Personal Note:

I’m preparing to hack through the bit of frost we’ve gotten to plant some tulip bulbs that I’ve procrastinated on and a bit more yard work… wish me luck… but first, maybe a little coffee and some reading...

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Xoxo, Karrie

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