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What's coming for the Month of December!

Hello and welcome back! After a post-Thanksgiving food fuel day off, I am feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to dive into the Holiday Season.


November 30th was the conclusion of Nanowrimo. And although I didn't quite make it to 50,000 words as I hoped, I did surpass 30,000. A great achievement considering it took almost a year to complete the first draft of Treasure of the Moon Goddess. I have no doubts that I'll finish the first draft of Escape of a Queen by the end of the year and will be set to start edits in 2020.

What's Coming Up:

For the month of December, I thought I would do something fun and a little different. The twelve days of Christmas the book version. Twelve book recommendations for the upcoming holiday season. One for every day, and on December 15th (the last blog post of the year) I will list my twelve favorites.

With each day's book post, join me with one of your own and post it to my facebook page with why you loved it so much. 12 days and 12 books... I couldn't think of a better way to share the holiday spirit.

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My first book pick for December 1st is The Nerdy Necromancer by S. E. Babin

Helen Reaper has a weird relationship with the dead. As in she can bring anyone or anything back to life, so she’s constantly bombarded by people begging her to restore their loved ones, their pet fish, that cute girl who fell off a building while taking a selfie. Super. Annoying. So Helen becomes a necessary introvert and a homebody, choosing to absorb herself in books instead of real life.

The Deadication Dating Agency, the mysterious matchmaking service in her town of Midnight Cove, comes to her in the form of a mysterious letter and a cute little puppy.

They know someone who’s already dead who won’t mind her talent one little bit.

Can a woman who raises the dead find a love that stays alive?


On a Personal Note:

I am currently dragging out all the Christmas paraphernalia out of the basement. We don't do a traditional tree since, well, it's only my husband and me, not to mention with the roving band of beagles and the cat, any ornaments, lighting, or the tree for that matter would never survive until the 25th. However, I do decorate the front of our house and take pleasure in stringing up lights and filling the pots and urns with greenery and ornaments. Oh, and did I mention the Christmas lights? LOVE THEM! I'm that lady who drives around the neighborhood admiring your hard work and a lovely display of razzley dazzley lights. What's your favorite part of the holidays?

Holiday Break:

Since it is the Holiday Season and everyone is caught up with family, shopping, and traveling, December 15th's blog will be the last for 2019 and I resume posting the 5th of January 2020 still on my regular Sunday Morning schedule.

XOXO, Karrie

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