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Thanksgiving and the home stretch of Nanowrimo 😸

Hello friends and welcome back, or if you are new here, hi nice to meet you! We are into the final week of November and I feel like its flown by. And as the month comes to a close, so is Nanowrimo (national novel writing month).

I'd love to report in that I slew Nano and the 50,000-word challenge in a masterpiece of fiction that will captivate you. Sadly, however, I've made it to 31,000 words-- which isn't bad-- as far as first drafts go. The story its self is about two-thirds done. It's going to need a lot of work, but I'm in a good place and hopefully, by the first of the New Year, I'll have a draft that will be primed for first edits-- fingers crossed.

Also, I've spurred ahead on Lost Queen (book two of the Kristi Brickham Series). Writing Escape of a Queen as a companion book has helped tremendously. I feel refreshed with new ideas and inspiration for Kristi's new adventure.

What I've been reading:

So about a week and a half ago, I posted on Twitter for indie authors to post the links to their books so I could read them. The response was incredible!! Far more authors sent links than I had expected. Let's just say I have enough book suggestions to read well into next summer. and I can't wait to buckle down and start reading.

If you have any suggestions to add to my ever-growing list of TO BE READ let me know!

On a Personal Note:

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I already have my sweatpants (the ones without holes) and oversized hoody (the one with no coffee stains down the front) ready to go. And I know what you're thinking "but Karrie, don't you want to wear nice clothes to dinner with your family?" And the answer is... No, I want to have room to expand before I hit my parent's couch in a food coma. 😉

Anyhoo, I wish you all a wonderful food-filled holiday and much love from me to you and your families.

XOXO, Karrie

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