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Everything Egypt... and a bit of other stuff too

Hello and welcome back! As I write this we are in the midst of a good old winter storm, so I am currently hunkered down with my laptop and a cup of coffee going through and studying pictures I've been using for inspiration for my current work in progress- Lost Queen (book 2 of the Kristi Brickham series) and its companion short story Escape of a Queen. Many of them I've already shared, but there are others I haven't and thought, heck why not share them.

Writing about the Bronze Age has been difficult, to say the least. I was asked the other day, why I'm so slow on publishing this next book. Many authors are able to put out several books a year. (You have no idea how much I envy them- seriously) So to answer that question, my books are heavily researched. And, although writing goes quickly on the plot end of it, getting the historical facts straight takes time. It's a fictional book, yes, but I also want the story plausible and to stem from true facts.

Egypt - a place I hope to visit one day- has been a complete joy to research, the culture, art, people from history and today has completely captivated me. But Egypt is only part of the Lost Queen story. The other culture that plays a significant role in my story is the Minoans who hailed from the island of Crete or as ancient history knows it, Knossos.

If you read Treasure of the Moon Goddess, you've already learned a bit about them. They were a Bronze Age maritime culture who were instrumental during that time period as they had a vast fleet of ships used primarily for trade, and more importantly for the import of those two magical ingredients: Copper and Tin.

A book and the initial inspiration for this series is a book that I've read numerous times by the author Gavin Menzies called: The Lost Empire of Atlantis. Its a great read and delves into how the Minoans not only sailed throughout the Mediterranean but out into the Atlantic and up and down the European coast.

What I've been reading/listening:

For the past week, I've been listening to a great podcast called Celtic Tomes by Gary and Ruth Colcombe They read passages from different cycles and stories: The Fionn cycle, Cuchulainn, Irish gods, and goddess. And the narrator has a flair for narration.

On a Personal Note:

Well, it finally looks a lot like winter finally. I can't complain too much. It's fairly warm out and the sun is coming out.

Now for something a little special if you've made it this far 😉. On February 7th, I'll be releasing a short story in the Kristi Universe for a special birthday blog post (Kristi's birthday and mine too-- lol.) So make sure you're subscribed to my weekly blog so you don't miss out!

Until next week! Talk to you soon.

XOXO, Karrie





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