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The Looming of Nanowrimo 😱

Hello friends and welcome back!

Halloween is almost upon us and with it, bags of candy, strangers showing up at your door in costumes and (most terrifying of all, for writers anyway) National Novel Writing Month starting November 1st. And why you ask is it terrifying you ask? The goal is to write 50,000 words in a month or 1,667 words for 30 days. A daunting endeavor and one I have yet to accomplish. Though in years past I’ve come close and more importantly, it gave me the habit of writing daily, which was how I finished the first draft of Treasure of the Moon Goddess

This year, however, I’ve been dithering back and forth about what project I should focus on. Should I continue to focus on Lost Queen? Or, maybe start one of the many other outlines I have saved to the depths of my computer? What if I had already had a prequel to Lost Queen written, and *wink wink* I turned the prequel into a short story that while related to Lost Queen, would be a standalone?

Originally I wrote the prequel to my current work in progress, The Lost Queen, with the intention of wanting a snapshot from the perspective of Nefertiti's eldest daughter Princess Meritaten. And now I imagine, you're asking yourself why is she talking about her, I thought her writing revolved around Nefertiti? Well, okay, fair point. I mention her because there are several legends that tell of a princess of Egypt (maybe Meritaten, maybe not) that led an exodus out of Egypt and sailed north to Ireland and the turbulent times in the Egypt at that time. (which is a hint about Kristi's next adventure)

So I wrote a lengthy, detailed outline. When I was done I realized that having a prequel a third the length of the novel was a bit ridiculous, and there was no way I could pair it down to a couple of pages. So instead of hacking it apart-- or worse-- shelving it with the other stories that I've cruelly abandoned, I thought I'd take advantage of Nanowrimo and see where it takes me. And who knows perhaps— someday— it will be a series of adventures all its own.

In the end I believe a story told from Meritaten’s perspective will only add new depth and emotion of the characters as I continue to draft Lost Queen.

So much research. I don’t think I can expand on that point enough. Though I will say, the more I learn about Egypt and its diverse culture and history, the more I have a need to travel there. Give me all the tombs, museums, and pyramids to explore. And Egypt isn't the only place I want to explore... Iceland, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, England, Thailand, Belize -- and the list goes on.

I'd really love to know where you would travel! Let me know

Book I’ve Read:

The first book that has been within reach since I purchased it is The Emotional Thesaurus: A writer’s guide to character expression by: Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman

Okay, so maybe when you sit down to read a book you wouldn't think of this one. But from a writer’s perspective I found this a great reference book on mannerisms, facial expression, body language, depth of character and I am not ashamed to say I read every page. It was fascinating information on human expression. I will find myself reaching for it often in the future as I slog my way through Nanowrimo.

The next is an audiobook and pure entertainment. Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper and narrated by Amanda Ronconi

Molly Harper is by far one of my most favorite contemporary romance authors, read by one of my favorite narrators. The story, set in rural Georgia, is hilarious, and the main character, Margo, is so relatable I’m pretty sure she’s actually real and walking around in Georgia somewhere.

On a personal note:

I have been doing a massive amount of yard work after the storm we had a few days ago. There was high winds, pelting rain, and an ominous loud crash in the early hours of Thursday morning...

Needless to say there is no shortage of chore for the weekend! Oh, and I have help too...although I'm not sure how much help Miss Kitty will be...😉

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