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Fall is here and so is the hunt for A Lost Queen

Hello friends and happy fall! It’s already October and the leaves here in New England are already starting to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, while the temperature has already dipped into the thirties.

What I’ve been working on:

The first draft of the second novel in my Kristi Brickham Adventure Series is in full swing as I diligently research Egypt’s 18th dynasty (1300s bc) and the infamous queen of that time period, Queen Nefertiti, along with her eldest daughter, Princess Meritaten. Two powerful woman, who were once loved and hated.

So my question is, what happened to them? No where in recorded history does it say when the two woman died or where they were buried. No tomb for either woman has ever been found… but there are stories. Legends of a princess of Egypt sailing North to Ireland, or a story of a Queen masquerading as a King…

I’ve recently purchased the audiobook The Story Of Egypt The Civilization That Shaped The World by: Joann Fletcher and read by: Kate Reading (who is a fabulous narrator, she was one of the narrators for the Wheel of time Series)

Needless to say my creative self is currently flooded with ideas for Kristi’s current adventure, along with her friends. And if you’re wondering Mittens is, as always, by my side snoring away.

What I’ve been reading:

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s newest release is a laugh out loud romantic comedy. My Pen Is Huge, the fifth book in her Hell No series was a blast to read. (her books are available everywhere)

The second read that was an excellent read is Prophecy by Caroline Noe. A great read if you love fantasy adventure)

Last on my list is the audiobook I mentioned above. The Story Of Egypt The Civilization That Shaped The World by: Joann Fletcher and read by: Kate Reading

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On a personal note:

I will be venturing out on another research trip to the Metropolitan Museum (with my sister) this coming weekend, along with some good food and maybe a walk through central park. Adventure abounds so follow along on y IG stories!

Also, I will be buttoning up on the outdoor chores, cutting my gardens down, mowing, and weed whacking the yard for the last time. And though I’m sad to see summer go, I look forward to the days of sitting curled up (with Mittens) under a blanket and writing about the hot, dry, sand swept cliffs of the desert.

Lastly, the audiobook version of Treasure of the Moon Goddess will be out in early summer of 2020-- which sounds a long way off, I know-- but still exciting! I will have a more precise date soon.

I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and will talk to you next week! If you have any questions or just want to chat email me at or follow me and my adventures on Instagram @author_karriebarnum or on Facebook Author Karrie Barnum

xoxo, Karrie

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