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What's happened in the month of April

Hi all and good Sunday morning! I hope everyone is well! Me? I’m great, though it did snow a little yesterday and I was scrambling for winter clothes again.

As we come to a close of April and more importantly #IndieApril, I have had a month of reading and listing to great books, audiobooks, and podcasts.

The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn and The Great Western Woods: Worldbuilding Podcast is two of my ultimate favorites to listen to. Which I’m addicted to both and listen to them when I’m not in the mood for an audiobook

Books that I’ve read and enjoyed and found endlessly entertaining:

For Adult Reads:

The Bend by Terri Tiffany

Fat Chance by Angela Crook

The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins

The Quest for the Sungod’s Tomb by C. J. Evans

For Young Adult Fantasy: A Fairie’s Tale by S. R. Hollands

And if you love audiobooks, a great thriller series is J. F. Penn (of the creative Penn podcast) has a boxset of her Arkane Thriller Series: Books 1-3

In further news…

I have started research for the second book of my Kristi Brickham Series! The working title is The Lost Queen and is set in Egypt. It's slow going since I’ve never been there, but I will say the travel blogs people put up on Youtube have been beneficial. Also, I have a growing fascination for the wildlife and ecosystem of the Nile. They have a fish called the tigerish, that hunts its prey in packs much as piranha do. And they get huge! Not that they’ve ever attacked people, but still.

Anyway, I’ve been having a blast doing the research of such a beautiful place and let's not forget the history. Kristi (the main character) is invited to study some of the papyri in the newly discovered tomb of Queen Nefertiti. One of the scrolls is a letter from the Queen’s eldest daughter, Meritaten. Within the letter is something of an apology to her mother and her reasons for leading an exodus out of Thebes. The only thing is… where did princess Meritaten go? At this point in my research-hot mess of a first draft— I have no idea. I could swing it one of two ways, and since I’m a Mystery suspense writer (muhahahaha) I will not share, BUT, I will say it's not where any of you will guess!

More personal news— spring is finally here, and we currently have a deranged robin throwing herself against the glass of our front door and windows. Even our bird-killing ninja cat has no interest in this bird. I swear she’s just like “Nope, too easy” and continues on her way with her cat-like disdain. So I’m off to go put painter’s tape on the windows and door to see if that will deter her/him. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Talk to you soon. Karrie

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