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March is for the Indie Authors

I thought in full support of my fellow indie authors, I would kick off the month of March by reading and reviewing novels, short stories, flash fiction, epics, poems-- well anything I can get my sticky little hands on-- by Indie authors and more precisely, those I follow on social media. Over the past months, I've connected with smart, funny, and brave people that are willing to put the time and effort into their passion, then give it to the world.

My reading list so far...

Secrets of Serendipity by: Sofia Sawyer

Selflove by: TL Clark

Baby Grand by: Dina Santorelli

Firestone Key by: Caroline Noe

And more to come...

So share and pass this along to see how many people we can get to join in... and if you haven't already please subscribe so you can see the updated list of authors TBR and other happenings!

Hope every one has a wonderful weekend!

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